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A number of strikes will be assigned to any offender depending on the severity of the rule violated. The guild member will be informed of their breach in a channel appropriate to the violation conducted.

Minor: 1 strike
Moderate: 3 strikes
Major: 9 strikes

Accumulating 9 active strikes results in being kicked from the guild. Strikes gained expire over time. Strikes accumulated are applied to all of a player’s characters.

No strikes will be handled by any officer directly implicated by breaches of social rules. If this is not possible then the officers will attempt to reach a unanimous conclusion.

Rules of Playing
You are expected to uphold these rules even when not in the presence of other guild members.

#1. Do not break server rules. (moderate-major)

#2. Ninja-looting is strictly forbidden even if no guild member is implicated as it harms the guild’s image. The content it is committed in is irrelevant. (major)

#3. Do not discriminate others. Here in defined as: stating, or acting in accordance with a belief, that a subset of people are ‘lesser’ in some capacity by virtue of belonging to that subset. (major)

Rules of the Guild
You are expected to uphold these rules whenever you are dealing with the guild, or guild members, in any fashion.

#1. There is no shame in asking for help; whether you need help clearing some kind of content, advice or just someone to vent to. But it is up to the willing guild member as to How they help you. Do not drag those who are not willing into it nor blame them for their unwillingness. (moderate)

#2. Be considerate of your fellow guild members feelings and do not insult or badmouth them (minor-major, depending on perceived intent to hurt.)

#3. Be wary of teasing people before you, personally, know how much they can take. (minor-moderate, depending on far the offender overstepped)

#4. Continued sexual remarks/flirting after being explicitly told by the target to stop is to be considered sexual harassment. (moderate, increasing severity from repeated offenses)

#5. Do not spam, flame or exhibit other forms of shoddy Internet etiquette. Restrict trolling to manageable levels. (minor-major, depending on tenacity)

#6. If told to drop a discussion: do so. (moderate)
This most typically happens when discussing politics or religion in guild chat.

#7. If you can’t play for some time: tell us about it in the attendance tab on discord. (Undisclosed periods of inactivity longer then 1 week will result in a loss of rank.)

#8. Do not PuG content the guild is planning to do in the current lock-out period outside of the following exceptions: (moderate)(redigeret)
*You have more characters capable of doing the raid, then there are planned guild runs left in the lock-out period. Lock your main last unless you’ve been asked to use a specific character in an upcoming raid.
*You know with certainty that you will not be able to play WoW during any of the remaining planned guild raids due to Life. Make a note in attendance before PuGing.
*Vault of Achavalon can always be PuGed. Feel free to ask other guild members if they want to join.

#9. Do not steal from the guild bank. It’s there for everyone’s use so don’t take more then you’re
going to use yourself in the coming couple of days (selling does not count as “using”). If
you are uncertain of if you’re taking too much: ask an officer or err on the side of caution. (moderate strike for each item beyond accepted use, can be greatly reduced if the stolen item
or an identical item is returned)

If you feel you’ve been mistreated by a guild member: take a screen-shot of the conversation and send it to your favorite officer.

Rules of the Raid
You are expected to uphold these rules when raiding with other guild members.

All breaches of raid rules deprioritizes you from raid invites and loot distributions.

#1. Come to the raid on time.

#2. Come to the raid with 3 hours worth of flasks and a mostly full stack of food buffs. This only applies to current content.
Even though the guild usually provides Fish Feasts this is not always the case. Be prepared for this.

#3. Come to the raid with your gear fully enchanted and gemmed.

#4. Come to the raid with appropriate add-ons installed and configured. Omen (or another aggro visualization tool) and a raidUI of your choice. Pallypower for paladins.

#5. Do not join a raid you do not have the time for. (moderate)

During the Raid:
#6. Join the Discord raid voice chat during any guild raid, as soon as you've joined said raid. Make sure your Discord alias matches the name of your main.
Do not waste people time by stalling pointlessly.

#7. Pay attention to the instructions given during the raid.
Do not waste people's efforts by not paying attention.

#8. Once you've joined a raid: do not waste peoples time by leaving your computer to do other things outside of arranged breaks. Unless you REALLY have to go to the bathroom. (moderate)

When a wipe occurs we want you to think of what YOU could have done better, regardless of who’s fault it was that we wiped