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  Farlight: Go away with your paper planes! They're a waste of bag slots!
  Theblomb: xD
  Farlight: Neth show up for raids! I miss your DPS <:(
  Anesthesia: your link was shit agrodon, I changed it, and its not gonna work for everyone, cause I removed realm part of the link, it should open what your browser opens up more (TW or PW)
  Agrodon: Still works!
  Anesthesia: try now, :P
  Anesthesia: you broke it even more agrodon!
  Agrodon: Fixed
  Anesthesia: eh, its probably cause of my browser cookies?
  Nethrion: Omg finally yes please, thx 3rd!
  Third: more votes and perhaps some comments we want this !?!?!
  Farlight: Nobody, but I don't drink Coffee ;P
  Tyoni: Who came in your coffee Fardles?
  Farlight: Die, please
  Gnurg: If you don't want the world buff hassle for Naxxramas, add a +1 and some nice words here: Though, if you want world buffs in Naxx, give it a -1 and some mean words.
  Theblomb: <3
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