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  Balthasar: #weebnation ;)
  Farlight: Weaboooooo <3 :D
  Balthasar: My Name is Balthasar and i like explosions and Anime
  Tyoni: You guys are too nice, not enough shouting
  Tyoni: Fack, it appears to be too long. Gotta fix that tommorow..
  Tyoni: C'thun video is out boyz! Let me know if something is off, it was edited in a jiffy
  Sovereign: and Anub
  Sovereign: My PoV vs Raz last week
  Lights: Only 791k for huhu enrage diwn from almost 1.2 million . should be easily done without world buffs now.
  Neptun: I won't be here for AQ 40 tomorrow and i will need to go to sleep early tonight not sure if i can stay all the way untill 11 pm.
  Agrodon: Just to clarify; that's down from 4.5x (= 33% less health!)
  Iridi: Health buff for AQ 40 is now 3x in case you didn't know what the buff for other raids was
You do not have permission to shout